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Minutes of Feb. 17, 2005 Alva Inc. Meeting


list of attendees not available.


Meeting was called to order by president, Rob Andrys.


Minutes of Jan. 20, 2005 meeting were approved as posted on the website.


Treasurerís report:  Lynn Fernsterer - 12/31/04 balance of $3.521.68.  A deposit of $505 from membership dues and ads in the Coconut Telegraph has been added.   However, two large bills will soon be due:  $500 for accounting fees and $1,300 for officer and board member liability insurance.   There is a need for dues to be paid and fund raising events.   Dues are $5, individual; $15, Family; $20, supporter.  Make checks out to Alva, Inc, P.O. Box 2022, Alva , FL 33920.


Schedule of Meetings:  Next meeting March 17, 7:30, Oak Park Community Building


Parks and Trails Committee:  Possible name change for Wayside Park.   Suggestions can be turned in to Rob or entered on the website.   The park will be re-designed after the widening of Rt. 80 is completed.   Anyone interested in helping with the re-design, contact Rob.   The county will provide a sign for the park.


Fundraising Committee:  Needs a chairperson.   Tom Super and Debra White volunteered to help with the committee.   Suggestions/discussion of possible fundraisers:

Open House Tour - some people willing to put their houses on the tour

Selling T-shirts (report follows under New Business)

Fall Festival - i.e. Pumpkin Festival the week before Halloween

      Selling pumpkins  (Tom Super has a food broker contact) and having a pumpkin                 carving contest; could also include hay rides and other rides put on by an             amusement company, roasted corn, possibly a dance (a resident of Oak Park                 teaches square dancing)

Parade with entrance fees, such as Buckingham is doing.  Other communities have a fund-raising festival niche and it would be good if Alva could establish one.


Possible places for holding the Festival:  Regional Park, Alva Community Center and open for other suggestions.


No reports from Membership and Civic committees.


Newsletter:    Sara reported extra copies left from the post office this month  (with tax forms, the newsletter was put on a high shelf).   The newsletter comes out the 1st or 2nd day of the month and copies are distributed at the Alva Diner, Village Market, Alva Community Center, Handy, and the Riverdale Library.  New ads are $10 per issue and are always welcomed.   Get a business card to Sara.



Old business: 

Honorary Mayor Election and Fundraiser.  The election closed tonight.   Incumbent, Dick Spence was unable to attend.  He raised $100.00 this year and has contributed throughout the year with food and beverages at our various events.  Challenger Tom Super turned in his funds, $2,262 and a few more people at the meeting added to Tomís fund.    Tom raised his funds by selling tickets for a Remington shotgun.  Tomís money raising success triggered a discussion of having a raffle at the Spring Festival.  Suggested items included:  homemade quilt, big screen TV, canoe/kayak, laptop computer, ATV.   Rob asked that by the March meeting people contact their friends or favorite businesses to solicit the best deals for purchasing such item(s).


New Business

Patty Walker had samples of T-shirts and a bid from Jennings Hardware:  cost $7 per shirt; recommended colors - beige for men (crew neck) and yellow or another color (scoop neck) for women; (camouflage also suggested); $400 deposit required; 2-day turn around.  It was decided that a small logo would go on the front and the Alva Tree on the back.   65 shirts would be initially ordered in a variety of sizes.   Shirts will sell for $12.


New officers and board members need to be nominated in March and April, with voting in May.  Lynn and Rob are retiring.   John is willing to continue as secretary.   Rob and Bob Benning will serve on the nominating committee.


Updates of other Civic Organizations

East Lee County Council - Sara reported that 2 new developments are planned along Rt. 80 in the Veranda area which is consistent with the Caloosa Shores Plan.


Hendry County - Patty Walker will try to attend the Feb. 23 - Four Corners Growth Development workshop.   The potential comprehensive plan change for increased densities for the 3500 acre FL Citrus development seems to have fallen through - they no longer have their planner and the needed criterion due by April hasnít been met.  Lykes Brothers still has a development planned along Kirby Thompson and other developments are in the works along Rt. 78 from the county line to Ft. Denaud.


Bayshore - the proposed fall Pumpkin Festival could possibly be a joint venture with them, since they too need to raise funds.


Alva Updates

Hendry County water basin lake at Townsend Canal, known as the C-43 reservoir project by the Army Corps of Engineers, has been put on fast forward as part of the Everglades restoration project.   The creation of the freshwater lake, which would be the 10th largest in FL and would hold excess water from the Caloosahatchee, is scheduled to begin in 2007 and be completed by 2010 and would provide more recreational activities in the Alva area.


The state and not Lee DOT is constructing the road through the Wayside Park that joins up with Packinghouse Rd. as part of the Rt. 80 widening.  It is scheduled for completion August, 2005.

Oak Park Board of Directors wrote a letter to pertinent state and local officials requesting a traffic light at Broadway and Rt. 80.   Alva Inc. will also send a letter to these officials.




Feb. 26 & 27 - Swamp Cabbage Festival in La Belle.



Walter Flugal of Venesse and Daylor, a possible planner for the commercial standards for Rt. 80 and Joel Blvd., was not present at the meeting as had been arranged.