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Minutes: ALVA Inc. Town Meeting, February 26. 2004.  Alva Community Center, 7:30 p.m.

Present: Rob Andrys, Kathy Woolston, Geza Wass de Czege, David Raymer, John Payne, Sarah Gillim, Lynn Fensterer, Zsuzann Wass de Czege.

Meeting opened by Rob Andrys, president. 

Approval of last meeting minutes was affirmed.
Treasurers Report: Lynn Fensterer reported balance of $3,842.47 as of Feb. 1.  Discussion followed concerning encouraging members to renew memberships and to enlist new members.  The annual "honorary mayor" race will be held soon and this is an excellent fund raiser.  Appreciation was expressed to Lynda Kendrick who created the idea.

Schedule of meetings 
Next meeting will be March  25th 7:30 PM at Community Center
Parks and Trails committee
March 6th at 10:39 a.m.- Lee County Parks & Recreation- Day in the Park' where members will work and then grill in one of our parks.  The Wayside Park needs attention and a flagpole installed. People are asked to bring machetes to help cut the tall grass from the shore at the Alva boat dock.  Rob Andrys will provide food for those who participate.  Everyone urged to come. 
Conservation 2020-Nominate more Alva land, especially that which has ecological significance. Geza Wass de Czege is Alva Inc. representative.  People are urged to write/contact Commissioner Janes in appreciation of his support of conservation in Lee County and the area.
Lee County Trails Committee-Meeting 3-31-04 at 5:30-7 at Downtown at the Public Works bldg Rm 1-A.
March 6 Caloosahatchee Adventure Triathlon at Regional Park
March 7- Basically Bluegrass Concert at Regional Park 2-5 PM
Fundraising committee Open
Membership Committee Mary Reed  Rob or Steve Brookman have names of new memberships via the website.  It is suggested that a membership form be included, as possible, in each issue of The Alva Coconut Telegraph.
Civic committee
Newsletter Sara Gillim completed the first issue of the Alva Coconut Telegraph and the second one will be enlarged considerably, although color will be eliminated because of excessive cost.  Advertisers have responded well and the cost of inclusion in ten issues will soon be raised from $50 to $100. 

Old business
Please pay your dues and update your contact information.
Rob Sent a letter to Lee County Planning Dept. asking for notification of pending review of land development code amendments.  John Payne sent letters to the Lee County Commissioners regarding anticipating traffic congestion on Hy 78 as a result of increased development in Hendry County.
New Business
Elections Need volunteers for nominating committee.  Elections should be completed by the May meeting.  Lynn Fensterer recommended a special community dinner celebration and installation of new officers on June 11 at The Hut and Malihini Lounge on Buckingham Road (newly reopened and refurbished).  This was enthusiastically endorsed by those present.
Ft. Denaud-On March 2nd from 1:30-4:00 PM there will be a workshop in the Labelle Courthouse to discuss planning and zoning matters regarding development in western Hendry County.  Contact Mary Harn for more info. 863-675-5240.  Sarah Gillim has been significantly involved in bringing Alva concerns to the planners.
Alva, Inc. will present a program describing Alva concerns and accomplishments at the March 16 2 p.m. meeting of the Alva Garden Club.  John Payne and Lynn Fensterer will work out details and ask others to help as well.