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March 17, 2005


NEXT MEETING:  THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 7:30 P.M., Oak Park Community Center on Pearl Street.

Rob Andrys, presiding.  Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Treasurer's Report: $6,168.68 on deposit. 

Honorary Mayor "election" was a great success with Tom Super the winner.  Total raised for ALVA was over $2,000. 

Parks and Trails Committee (Laura Davis, Ruby Daniels, Colette Corwin) New name to be determined for Wayside Park; Boardwalk and restrooms needed at the Alva boat ramp; sidewalks in the community, especially from school to community park and to and from the Regional Park; Map needed for trails, etc.
Question raised concerning why Alva trails were not included in Lee County's Five Year Plan for trails.  Perhaps these will be in the "20 year plan" but there is a need to assert our community's needs.

Planning Committee: Commercial Corridor on FL 80 is a major concern for planning.  Numerous requests for help from commercial consultant/planning groups have not yet located a viable source.  It is anticipated that ALVA, Inc. will receive a $25,000 grant from the County to help with the process, but more funds will be needed to retain a planning consultant and to complete the project.  Rob Andrys and Tom Super are working on the project.

Fund Raising/Membership Committee: (Tom and Alison Super, Donna Daniels, Marian Nesselhauf, Debra White) New Alva t-shirts were to be ready and available by March 20.  They will be stocked at the Village Store and other locations ($12).  Other plans include a Pumpkin Festival on October 23, 24 and 25 on the grounds of the Alva Diner with a number of activities for families and children planned.  Possible events: pumpkin catapult, square dancing (Jack Fowler volunteered to call), food possibly prepared by the Fire Department, pony rides, etc.  Other potential seasonal events include: raffle and house tour throughout the community.

Civic Committee: (Sarah Gillim) Alva Coconut Telegraph continues to be published monthly.  Sarah Gillim will include announcements for events.  Advertising is defraying the cost of publishing the paper. 

Members were encouraged to join the various committees to make their voice heard and do the things that need to be done in order to keep Alva a wonderful place to live.  If you want to join a committee please contact John Payne ( - or tel. 728 8833) who will add your name to the list.

Nominating Committee: (Rob Andrys [ex-officio], Mike Dove, Sarah Gillim, Bob Benham)
Election will be at the regular town meeting in May.  Committee nominates:
Tom Super, president
Patti Walker, vice-president
Nancy Rogers, treasurer
Helen Santini, secretary.
Nominations from the floor will be accepted.  Anyone interested is urged to nominate individuals (including themselves) for membership on the board of directors.

A motion to amend the by-laws to reduce the terms of office and for board members to one year from two, was approved.  This decision will require a second vote at the April meeting to complete the approval process. 

Concern was expressed again regarding the approval of boat ramp on Hickey Creek.  This could open all small creeks and streams in the area to the building of boat ramp.  Many feel this is inappropriate but it is now approved.

Meeting adjourned.