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Mar 25, 2004

Meeting  was held in the Alva museum since the community center is still under construction.  Rob Andrys called the meeting to order.  The March 6 “day in the park” was successful.  Numerous bags of trash and recyclable cans and bottles were collected from the Wayside park and the Alva boat ramp.  The tall grass at the boat ramp was also cut to provide a better view of the river. Rob announced that there will be another Lee county trails committee meeting on Mar 31 at 5:30 at the public works building downtown Ft Myers.  The ALVA Inc officer elections will be held in May.  Greater involvement by the community is a necessity for the organization to remain viable.  The importance of a local civic group to the community was stressed especially when growth pressures and rapid change are happening to the area.  There will be a community dinner celebration with installation of new officers on June 11 at the Hut on Buckingham Rd.  Cost will be about $25 for dinner and live entertainment.  It is open to ALVA inc members and non-members alike.  The remainder of the meeting was devoted to open discussion concerning the proposed developments in Hendry and Lee Counties.  Consensus was that development cannot continue to occur with little attention paid to water resources and transportation infrastructure and that such developments could dramatically alter the character of Alva

Attendees at meeting: Chuck and Suzanne Gorman, Bobby and Cheryl Quillen, Frank and Nancy Green, Colette Corwin, Ruby Daniels, Donna Daniels, James D English Jr, Rob Andrys, Sarah Gillim, Mike Dove, Dave Turkel