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Minutes, A Living Vision of Alva, Town Hall Meeting, Alva Community Center, March 27, 2003.


Treasurer reported income of $51 from the Caloosahatchee concert. 


Insurance for Alva, inc. board of directors will be purchased for $1,154.00 annually for one million dollars of insurance.


It is hoped that Lee County will approve a sign to be installed at the Wayside Park at Broadway and highway 80.


The first hearing for the Alva Community Plan update at LPA will be in late April, date and time to be confirmed.  Crucial for Alva to have large representative of citizens present.  Members will be called to be informed; need callers.  Volunteer to Rob Andrys or John Payne.


Committee Reports:


Parks and Trails: Highway 78 scenic designation has been sent to the Dept. of Transportation.  Future programs will have speakers to inform community about “Conservation 2020" process and accomplishments.  Laura Davis is Alva, inc. representative to Lee County Trails and Blueways Committee.  Contact Rob Andrys if you have an interest in serving on this committee.


Fundraising Committee: Lynda Kendrick announced the Spring fligh and community picnic on April 12, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.  Concert in the park on March 21 benefited Alva, Inc.


Planning Committee: Needs new chairperson, begin design for Alva Village overlay.


Membership Committee: Dues for 2003 due now, $5 for individual, $10 for family.  Need to increase membership through community building activities.


Historic Committee, needs chairperson


Nominating Committee: Pam Lewis, Mike Dove, Brian Taylor, Jensene Payne


New business: new officers and board of directors will be brought forward by the nominating committee at the April 24 Town Hall meeting.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.


Lee County is taking public comments regarding the Land development Code at Riverside County Library on April 1 from 5 -7 p.m. and at Lehigh-East Lee County Library on April 19 from 5 - 7 p.m.  Lee County is also seeking public comments regarding the Hickey’s Creek Mitigation Park stewardship plan.  Draft copies of the plan are available at Alva and & Olga Community Centers, Riverdale, Downtown and Lehigh Libraries.  More information: 728-6240.