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Alva - A Living Vision of Alva, Inc.   Minutes, community/board meeting, April 23, 2004, Alva Museum, 7:30 p.m.


Present and signed in: Rob Andrys, John Payne, Holly Bell, Jean Hutchings, Rex Shevitski, Danette Shevitski, Ruby Daniels, Donna Daniels, Cheryl Quillen, Chuck Gorman, Suzanne Gorman, Jebb Luster, James D. English, Jr., Marian Nesselhauf, Frank Nesselhauf.

Meeting chaired by Rob Andrys, president. 
Minutes of previous meeting approved.
Treasurer's Report presented by John Payne because of the necessary absence of Lynn Fensterer, treasurer.  Complete report attached to the file copy of the minutes.  Reported: expenditures of $149.38 during February, balance $3,548.93.

Committee Reports:
Parks and Trails: Rob appealed to all to consider suggesting land for the 20/20 Conservation program to preserve ecologically significant space from development.  Suggestions may be sent to Rob Andrys - 
Fund Raising: Appeal was made for a new chairperson for this committee vital to the future of Alva, Inc.
Membership: Also in need of chairperson.  Membership forms were made available and Donna Daniels has volunteered to work on the membership program when current obligations are completed.
Civic: Alva's newsletter, the Alva Coconut Telegraph continues to be edited by Sarah Gillim and all copies are picked up soon after publication.  Copies are free.  Potential advertisers are invited.  Cost is $100.00 for ten issues (monthly).  At the Spring Fling Colette Corwin distributed flyers from the Alva, Inc. booth.

Old Business:
Flyers describing Alva's Dinner - Dance at the Hut Restaurant on June 11, 6:30 p.m. were distributed and everyone was asked to help get the information to as wide a public as possible.  John Payne, speaking for event coordinator Lynn Fensterer, urged everyone to attend as this will be a special and effective way to build communtiy spirit as we get acquainted with our neighbors in a delightful setting.  The Hut has recently been completely refurbished and is achieving an excellent reputation.  Complete information and menu are available from Lynn Fensterer, 728 9972.  Reservations and check for $25 per person should be mailed to Alva, Inc. Attn. Lynn Fensterer, P.O. Box 2022, Alva, FL 33920. 
Need expressed to work out details for the next election of Alva's "Honorary Mayor."  This has been an excellent fund raising event for the organization.
Riverwatch, an organization devoted to the maintenance for the quality of the Caloosahatchie River and its oxbows, will have its annual meting on April 24, 4 p.m. at Manatee World located at the Orange River Bridge and SR 80.  All interested are welcomed and a sunset cruise will be proved in enough willing riders show up.   This important organization needs leadership and wider participation.

New Business:
Election of officers and board members is set for the May 27 community meeting.  All interested are invited to offer themselves as board members and as officers.  Mike Dove is chair of the nominating committee.  Three individuals have generously offered their names as new board members: Ruby Daniels, Brian Taylor and Donna Daniels.  The board can have as many as thirteen members and at present six openings are available.
Study by the Vincent Cautero of the Northwest Quadrant of Hendry County will be presented to the HBOCC on April 27 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hendry County Courthouse on SR 80 in Labelle.  Concerns have been voiced over the inevitable increase of traffic on CR 78 through Alva to the Alva Bridge leading to SR 80 as a result of proposed development of the area.  Discussions include the building of another bridge near the Hendry - Lee County line to relieve the traffic increase.  For more information contact Mary Harn, 863 675 5240.

Hickey Creek Development.  Proposed boat ramp and multiple docks on this small creek threaten to significantly increase the erosion along the banks and the destruction of the ecology of the area.  An important meeting to evaluate this proposal is scheduled for May 6, 11 a.m. at the Community Development Building, 1500 Monroe Street, in Ft. Myers.  All who can are urged to be present as Alva is committed to support our Hickey Creek neighbors in helping to control over development of this sensitive area.  For more information contact Holly Bell,
Hawk's Haven development along SR 80 near the Riverdale Shopping Center is proposing that the County Commission's previous decision to allow one home per acre be revised to allow two homes per acre.  This would allow 3000 new homes, if approved.  Concern was voiced about the pollution of ground water if a great increase in septic systems occurs.  Numerous wetlands are in this vicinity.
Word has been received regarding the possible sale of 25 acres for commercial development on the southeast corner of Joel Blvd. and SR 80.  Discussed is a shopping center anchored by a major grocery store.  Rob Andrys urged the group to consider the "look" of what is to be built and to endeavor to make sure it is in keeping with the Alva rural village ambience.
Word has been received that the Lehigh Acres northern boundary may be revised to coincide with the Lehigh Acres Fire District.  If so, this would divide portions to Alva into two separate areas.
Oak Park has purchased seven acres next to them (west) along Pearl Street.  No plans for this land has been announced.

Meeting adjourned, 8:20 p.m.

Minutes submitted by John Payne, secretary, 728-8833 -