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May 8, 2006


Alva Inc. held a town hall meeting at the Alva Community Center, May 8, 2006.   The purpose of the meeting was to decide if there was enough community support for Alva Inc. to continue.  Acting president, Patty Walker, called the meeting to order. 

Those in attendance were: Vernon and Angel Allen, Rob Andrys, Tim and Timmy Armstrong, George and Bertie Berczik, Phil Christie, Stan and Colette Corwin, Ruby Daniels, Paul and Maria Musuer, John Payne, Kenny Walker, Kim Walker, Norman Sr. and Lorraine Walker,Norman Walker, Jr.,  Brian and Barb Watts. 

Since many of those present were unfamiliar with Alva Inc., Rob Andrys gave a summary of the origin, purpose and history of Alva Inc.  He also mentioned current community concerns of Alva Inc., especially establishing a commercial standard along Rt. 80. 

In the discussion which followed, people expressed support for continuing Alva Inc. and its mission of preserving the peaceful rural atmosphere and beauty of Alva.  

The floor was opened for nominations and elections of a full slate of officers.  Those nominated and unanimously elected were: Normal Walker, Jr., president; George Berczik, vice-president; Colette Corwin, secretary; and Ruby Daniels, treasurer.  

The following volunteered to be board members: Vernon Allen, Rob Andrys, Tim Armstrong, Stan Corwin, Kenny Walker, Kim Walker, Patty Walker, and Brian Watts.   Lynn Fensterer, not present at the meeting, has also volunteered to be on the board. 

Phil Christie volunteered to head the Membership Committee; Barbara Watts the Social Committee; Patty Walker and Bertie Berczik will write the Coconut Telegraph newsletter. 

Alva Inc. membership forms were made available for those wishing to join.   There was a request for a map showing the boundaries of Alva. 

In other business Stan Corwin voiced concern over the impact the proposed city on Babcock Ranch will have on Alva.  Ruby Daniels mentioned the strategy and information meeting the Babcock Preservation Partnership is having May 12, 4:30 PM at Perkins Restaurant, Morse Shores, and that civic and home owners associations in the surrounding area have been invited to attend. 

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  The meeting ended with enthusiastic support for the future of Alva Inc. 

The next Alva Inc. meeting will be Monday, June 12, 7 PM at the Alva Community Center.

 Submitted by Colette Corwin, secretary