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Minutes: A Living Vision of Alva.  A.L.V.A., Inc.

Board and town hall meeting at the Alva Museum, May 22, 2003


Signed in: Jim English, Vince Cautero, Rob Andrys, John Payne, Deborah Forewter, Terry Carbonell, Geza Wass de Czege, Pam Lewis, Lynn Fensterer, Mike Duff,.


Rob Andrys, president, opened meeting.  Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Treasurer=s report.  Attached to the minutes.  Balance on hand: $7597.52.


Decision: combine board and community town hall meetings throughout the summer months, on the fourth Thursday of each month (June, July, August,) at the Alva Community Center.


Everyone was urged to attend the Local Planning Agency meeting on May 28 where the Alva plan will be considered for transfer to the Lee County Commissioners.


Committee reports: Reported from the Parks and Trails Committee from Laura Davis that the sidewalk project (from the Community Park to the Middle School) is continuing and it is likely that the project could be completed in 2003.


Planning Committee work on the Wayside Park is progressing.  Lee County staff is working on our suggestions and will return a plan soon.


Rob Andrys urged continue work on building membership with as many community activities as possible.


Nominating Committee has not yet met.  Discussion centered around the importance of doing business in a timely fashion in order to maintain support and legal status.  It was voted (with one abstention) to delay the election until the June Community Town Hall meeting.  Nominating committee is Pam Lewis, Mike Dove, Brian Fensterer, Jensene Payne.  Pam Lewis will convene the group.

A contribution of $100 was approved for the Alva Community Center program to provide two scholarships for Alva youth in need of support for the summer camp program.  The camp staff will evaluate and make the award.

Most of the meeting was devoted to the report by our planner, Vincent Cautero, regarding revisions to the Alva Plan in preparation for its consideration by the Local Planning Agency for Lee county.

The report is filed with the minutes and available on the Alva website:


John Payne, secretary