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ALVA Inc minutes  May 27, 2004


The meeting was called to order by president, Rob Andrys.  Lynn Fensterer reported that the largest disbursement from the treasury this month was for the officers and board members insurance which was over $1000.  Lynn also mentioned that the Corwinís gave a generous donation to ALVA inc in Robís name.  Steve Brookman also has given his web services and provided a domain for free!  There is some concern that there is not enough community interest in the dinner celebration at the Hut.  Most meeting attendees plan on going but just havenít paid the money yet.  Lynn must get the money and the numbers of diners by June 4. 

Members who were part of the community planning panel would like to know if they are still required to fill out the financial disclosure forms.  Sarah will call the county attorney Donna Marie Collins to try to get an answer.  Ruby Daniels, Collette Corwin and Donna Daniels were elected to the board.  They are welcome new additions to the ALVA inc directors.  The organization still needs more people to attend meetings and take leadership roles to be viable.  All agree that the community needs a civic group but it cannot continue without more support from the community at large.  It was also pointed out that our organization needs to network with other organizations with common goals or interests.  The East Lee County Council is an organization of local civic groups.  Alva should be represented at every meeting.  Bayshore and Buckingham have similar goals in trying to maintain a rural atmosphere in their communities.  Common fundraising events might be of benefit to all groups.  Laura Alvarez, president of the Bayshore group, spoke on  what their group has done to try to preserve their community.  They have currently filed a lawsuit against the county for the approval of a US homes subdivision with density the community feels is inappropriate both from an environmental, water management and aesthetic perspective.  She thinks a joint fundraiser between Alva and Bayshore could be fun and productive for both groups.

There was a discussion of a youth ranch proposed by Sheriff Shoap for a 50 acre section of the Caloosahatchee Regional park.  Most agree that the parkís original purpose was to provide low impact recreation such as hiking or horseback riding and that a youth ranch does not coincide with such a mission.  Others are concerned that it might escalate into a boot camp type facility.  It was decided by unanimous vote that Tom Super will write a letter on behalf of ALVA inc stating our opposition to such a facility in the park.  Radio controlled model airplane operators also want to use the north side of the park.  This use is also not in keeping with the mission of the park and the model planes are likely to frighten the horses and possibly injure the riders that currently use the park.  Sarah will write a letter on behalf of ALVA inc opposing the move of the model airplane operators to the park.

ALVA inc may be able to use the air conditioned Oak Park community center for meetings.  There will be a steering committee meeting at Robís house on June 10 to try to think of ways to increase participation and membership from the community at large.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm