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ALVA Inc Meeting Minutes, June 16, 2005


Meeting was called to order by president, Tom Super.  Lynn Fensterer reports there is $5195 in the treasury.  Riverwatch  assoc may be interested in teaming up with Alva Inc to clean up the Alva Boat ramp.  Alva Inc is still pursuing a commercial corridor study of highway 80 and Joel Blvd in Alva.  The goal is to set some commercial standards in order to preserve some of our historic and rural charm.  RWA and associates has submitted a $50,000  proposal to perform the study.  A meeting is set for June 20th where stakeholders along  SR 80 along with County commissioner John Albion, Smart Growth leader, Wayne Daltry, can discuss the feasibility of this endeavor.  Landscaping of the 80 corridor will also be discussed.  there is renewed hope that we will be able to get oak trees at least in the section of Alva where the speed on SR 80 drops to 45 mph. It appears unlikely the DOT will change the course of Packinghouse through the Wayside Park due to financial and time constraints.  The DOT has said it is more likely we will get a light at the intersection  due to this change in the road.   The Pumpkin festival is scheduled for Oct 21-23.  Volunteers are needed for this since it will be a big event with many exhibitors, music, food, pumpkin sales, contests etc.  It is too big a project for 3 or 4 people to handle alone.  The developers of river Hall along SR 80 and adjacent to part of Hickey Creek have withdrawn their request to increase the density of the subdivision from 2000 to 3000 homes.  Frank Nesselhauf attended a 4 corners meeting and voiced Alva’s concern about the growth in Hendry county causing increased traffic and road congestion in Alva.  Bonita Bay has purchased a 5000 acre citrus grove west of Labelle on sR 80.  No further details of their plans are available.