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  Alva Inc. June 12, 2006 Meeting Ė Alva Community Center

President Norm Walker, Jr. called the meeting to order.  He read the Alva Inc. mission statement as a focus for the groupís efforts and introduced the new officers for those who where not at the last meeting when officers were elected.

In response to a question at the May meeting about the boundaries of Alva, George Berczik showed a map of the Alva fire district.   Since Alva is unincorporated, exact boundaries are undefined so the fire district service area is a guide to what is Alva.

Patty Walker reported on the newsletter.  She is checking into more local printing in La Belle.  To increase circulation, the newsletter will be emailed to those who request it.  To help Alva Inc. better serve the interests and issues of the community, she is starting an input/feedback opportunity in the newsletter.  Article suggestions and local human interest stories would be appreciated.

Even though Phil Christie, membership chairperson, was not present because of out-of-town travel delays, the group discussed the following ways to increase interest and membership in Alva, Inc.:  contact the three Alva churches, a mass mailing to Alva residents from the president, an Alva Inc. car sticker to peak interest, a community event in the Fall.  No action item was selected.  150 Alva Inc. flyers were distributed on vehicles of people attending the traffic light meeting at Alva Middle School, June 6.

A report on the traffic light meeting and a discussion of Alva Inc.ís involvement in efforts to get a traffic light at Broadway and 80 followed.  There was agreement that Alva Inc. should support, but not compete with the efforts already spearheaded by Leslie Wade.   It was suggested the Norm Walker write letters to Lee County Superintendent expressing concern for school bus safety at the intersection and to Lee County Sheriff requesting traffic direction for the intersection at school bus times until a light will be installed.  The necessary traffic study preliminary to getting a light is scheduled for January 2007.

A commercial standard for RT. 80 was discussed.  Caloosahatchee Shores Plan is being developed by East Lee County Council for the area west of Alva.   It was suggested to have a representative from that effort speak at an Alva Inc. meeting.  The question was raised if Alva gets such a plan would the County enforce it.  Patty Walker volunteered to attend East Lee County Council meetings representing Alva.

Last monthís minutes were amended to remove Kenny Walker from the Board of Directors since he has moved from the area.  The treasurer reported a balance of $4,564.17.    The next Alva Inc. meeting will be Monday, July 10 7 PM at the Alva Community Center.   The meeting adjourned.

Attendees:  Bertie and George Berczik, Stan and Colette Corwin, Ruby Daniels, Andy and Ellen Erickson, Maria and Paul Musuer.  Kim and Patty Walker, Norm Walker, Barb and Brian Watts, and Brenda Wright.