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Minutes: A Living Vision of Alva, ALVA., Inc.  Board and Community Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, June 26, 2003


Present and signed in: Lynda Kendrick, Maria Pagan, Laura Davis, Geza Wass de Gege, Becky Crockett, Maxine Wood, Sarah Gillim, John Payne, Jensene Payne, Mike Buff, Anita Buff, Anita Forester, Zsuzshaa Wassde Geze, Mary Reed, James D. English, Jr., Joey Tiner, Dick Spence, Rob Andrys.


Meeting called to order by President, Rob Andrys, who offered introductions of all present.

Minutes of previous meeting approved.

Treasurer=s report: (attached to minutes).  We have begun our new year and dues are due from all members.  Balance on hand: $6525.65.   All funds granted by Lee County have been invested in the Alva Plan.  Additional funds were provided by ALVA, Inc. funds from membership and fund raising events.  The accountant will prepare tax returns at a cost of approximately $500.


Next Town Hall meeting announced: Thursday, July 24, Alva Community Center.  Program tentatively announced from the Trails Committee.  The plans for the program include various hiking and equestrian paths,  bike trails and kayaking routes.  Planners want to begin with the Alva community because of our interest and preplanning work.


Old Business: Rob Andrys offered a brief report that the Alva Plan was not submitted to the County Commissioners on recommendation of the Local Planning Agency.  It can be resubmitted in one year.  He suggested that the plan as it stands is too broad and covers to large an area.  Some have suggested that the plan be reduced to include only the currently designated urban community boundary that comprises the village of Alva as well as 500 feet north and south of state highway 80 from Hickey Creek to the county line. This would require getting the support of a large majority of the  residents and businesses located in that area.  Primary focus could be primarily on the commercial component.


Further discussion offered these suggestions and comments:

Expand the civic dimensions of Alva, Inc and create more of a chamber of commerce approach...  Emphasize the park relationships and connections...  If interest is in getting the Alva Plan before the county commissioners, use public forums at their meeting to ask them to review the plans.  Request a public statement from the commissioners...  Survey the community regarding preserving the Alva core...  Important to get support from the Alva business community...  It is essential to secure the support of the large property owners in the area...  Need to increase community trust... 


The above discussion will be continued in the fall and the issue tabled until September when a larger community meeting will be planned.  One suggestion is a Apot luck@ dinner, which other community groups find successful.


Question raised about why two large oak trees were removed from property on Broadway when Alva had the assurance of DOT that these trees were on county land and would be spared.  A protest and letter will be written.


Presentation to Lt. Joey Tiner of the Alva Fire Department of 800 herz radio equipment by Mike Buff from Alva, Inc.  This will enhance their ability to communicate with one another.  It was gratefully received by Lt. Tiner. 


Trails Committee: Laura Davis: She is working with a county wide volunteer group developing green/blue ways to link different parks in Lee and adjacent counties.  Plan to be presented in the summer, 2005.

The proposed sidewalk from the Alva school to the Alva Community Park will cost $160,000.00.  Cost includes moving of pipe lines under the planned sidewalk.  Quetion raised concerning the parking lot of the Alva Church of God which encroaches on the right of way and proposed sidewalk.  Laura Davis and John Payne will explore the problem and, if needed,  meet with the church leaders about possibilities.  Another suggestion is to take the sidewalk around behind the church on the other access road from the school to the park.


  Fund Raising: Lynda Kendrick reported that the Spring Fling was well attended but that support from Alva, Inc. members was scarce.  We need more involvement.


Election: New members added to the board of directors:

Mary Reed 17260 Julia Ave.  728-2748.  Email:

Geza Wass de Czege, 18641 Telegraph Creek Lane,694-2929, Email:

Terry Mario, Pearl Street.


It was suggested that a business membership category be added.  Dick Spence, 1859 SR 80, was suggested as a representative.


Officers elected: Robert Andrys, president.  Lynda Kendrick, vice-president.  Lynn Fensterer, treasurer.  John Payne, secretary. 


Meeting adjourned.



John Payne, secretary.