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ALVA INC general meeting 9/25/03

Alva Community Center

Present:  David Turkel, Sarah Gillim, Rob Andrys, Mary reed, Lynn Fensterer, Rosie Taylor, JR Lott, Colette Corwin


Minutes of last July meeting approved.

Treasurer’s report (Lynn Fensterer)-  Disbursements of 2566.25 were made.  The largest was $2000 made to Coastal Engineering ( Vince Cautero) for help with Alva Community Plan.  ALVA inc balance in treasury as of 9/25/03 is 3797.10.


Membership – Ways to increase membership and encourage payment of dues were discussed.  Possibilities include 1) Have membership forms available at Alva Market and ask Dick Spence to encourage membership

2) have membership forms available at barn dance this Saturday.

Mary Reed will work on getting our e-mail and membership list updated.


Conservation 2020 and parks update:  Rob spoke to a representative from the Parks dept about the new Greenbriar park and the possibility of adding more 2020 land to the park..  Some pieces that were considered for 2020 were already sold privately.  Sometimes the realtors involved do not make owners aware of 2020 or provide the owners with the appropriate paperwork. 

The Greenbriar park’s bicycle and horse trails will soon be started.  These trails will not encroach upon lands immediately adjacent to the Hickey Creek park that are more environmentally sensitive.

Alva Sports Park update:  SFWMD is willing to give to Lee county the 400 acres north of SR 78. This land is in Lee County but near the Hendry County line and is an old spoil site.  Lee County does not have the funds to develop the park right now and they do not want to take responsibility for the land until there is a plan and source of funding for the park.  BMX bicycling organization has shown great interest in the site and is willing to pay to create a BMX course for kids.  Other possibilities for the park include horse shows, lawn mower races etc.  David Jones, a landscape architect, is willing to work for free with interested parties to create a master plan for the park.

There will be a cross country race at the Caloosahatchee Regional Park in January.  If ALVA inc provides some volunteers for the event, we can get a share of the profit.  JR Lott will organize 4 volunteers for the event.


The upcoming Barn dance ( Saturday sept 26) was discussed and a few last minute tasks were assigned.  Lynda Kendrick and Maria Pagan have worked very hard on this dance and it should be loads of fun.  The band “Hapenny” will provide music.  Many local merchants also donated items for the dance.  These include Dave’s diner,  Alva Village Market,  Kash n Karry,  Winn Dixie,  Jack’s Market in Lehigh.  Thank you!!


The next meeting will be Oct 23 03 at the Alva Community Center