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  Community Meeting, February 27, 2003
 Alva Community Center, 7: 30 p.m. 


Present and signed in: John Payne, Jensene Payne, Lynn Fensterer, Lynda Kendrick, Rosie F. Taylor, Sarah Gillim, Mary Gillim, Walter McKee, Jr., Vince Cantero, Wayne Daltry, Richard Spence, Mike Buff, James D. English, Jr., Michael Dove, Robert Andrys, Wayne G. Russell, Jack Vealey, Dave Fancel, Martin Call.  (Other names signed in but illegible.  Apologies for mispelled names which could be completely made out.) 


Minutes of the January community meeting were not approved through oversight.  Approval motion will be an agenda item at the March community meeting.


Treasurers Report: Lynn Fensterer reported deposits of $23.19,00 which were primarily from the “election” process for the “Honorary Mayor” of Alva “race.”  Disburments totaled $916.00.  Balance on hand as of Feb. 27: $8621.19. Treasurer’s report is filed with the minutes.   Noted: dues for 2003 are due now.


Insurance for board members for Alva, Inc. will cost $1450.00 annually for coverage of $1,000,000.00.  Will be considered at the next board of directors meeting.  Insurance protection is deemed essential in order for volunteers to agree to serve on the board.


 Board meetings will be held at the Alva Museum and Alva Community meetings will be at the Community Center.  Board, March 13, Alva Museum.  Community Meeting, March 27, Alva Community Center.


Appeal was made for more effective signs and publicity.  To date $1800..00 has been spent and various plans are being explored to expand our visibility to the community.


Richard Spence, the new “honorary mayor” of Alva, was installed by chair person Rob Andrys and outgoing mayor Lynda Kendrick.  The mayoral plaque will be displayed in the Alva Museum.  Rob Andrys gave certificates of recognition to Lynda Kendrick, Richard Spence and Maria Pagan for their contributions to the mayoral race.


Rob Andrys reported that a letter detailing the recommendations of Alva, Inc. to the Department of Transporation of Florida regarding state highway 80 had been sent.  Copy of the letter is on the Alva website (


No further reports from Highway 78 scenic highway designation.  No further report on Conservation 2020 program.


Laura Davis has accepted an appointment to the Trails Committee.  Rob Andrys noted that the Alva community is ahead of many areas in becoming involved in this important work.  Other individuals interested in serving should contact Rob Andrys.


Fund Raising: Lynda Kencrick reported that Alva Inc. will join forces with the Parks and Recreation Dept. for the Spring Fling on Apeil 12. Craft and “yard” sales, and many other activities are planned.  Alva, Inc. will have a food sale booth as a fund raiser for Alva, Inc.

On March 21 a steel guitar concert in the Calosahatchie Regional Park is planned (6 - 8 p.m.)  Alva, Inc. will supervising the parking ($10 a car for which $3 will go to Alva Inc.)


Planning Committee needs new chairperson.


Rob Andrys announced the the Holiday Festival (Christmas/Hanakah/New Year) will be held this year at the Wayside Park.  Possibilities include a “Christmas” tree lighting ceremony in the park which has high visibility for the whole area. 


Chair, Rob Andrys emphasized the need for a strong membership committee and that new members should be encouraged to join. Dues are minimal - $5 for an individual.


The history committee needs a new chairperson.  The collection of historic photographs from the Alva Museum have been copied on archival quality paper and copies are now filed at the Ft. Myers Historical Society.  Other copies will be on display in the lobby of Intercoastal Real Estate Co.


New business:  Rob Andrys introduced Vincent Cantero of Coastal Engineering Company, who has been engaged as Alva Inc. representative to administer the approval process for the Alva Plan and help with developing the Village Overlay project.  He emphasized the importance of community attendance at the various hearings for the plans.  If the Alva Plan is approved (with changes), it will occur in 2003.  Hearings are likely in the fall.  The Village Overlay may need to be developed following.  Funding for the Overlay development may be available, but only after the Ava Plan is approved.


Discussion ensued regarding landscaping for state road 80 through Alva.  No state funds are available and the Alva Garden Club and other are being asked to help plan and develop the plantings. 


Rob Andrys introduced Wayne Daltry, Director of the Smart Growth Initiative for Lee County.  He described in detail the county organization and its dependence on local planning such as the Alva Plan.  He pointed out the protections in planning depend on four bases: economic, resources, fiscal, and political.  In Lee County the economic bases are tourism and retirement, but in Alva area it is agriculture.  Resource here is primarily the environment.  Fiscal base is the investment in real estate.  Political base offers a stable government so that Smart Growth can be supported.

Smart Growth evaluations consider these areas: transportation, land use, environment and community character.  For further information regarding Smart Growth see website: Smart

One of the most important responses the members of the community can make is to be present at as many meetings, hearings, etc. as possible.


Questions emerged whether plans for the village overlay could proceed even though funding would not be available until the Alva Plan is approved.   Many suggested that we spend some of our own funds the begin the process, if necessary, and fund the remainder as county funds become available. 


Submitted by John Payne, secretary.