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November 17, 2001 Community Workshop Summary


Minutes of Alva community workshop “ Envisioning Our Future”

Present were Rob Andrys, Verne Anker, Judy Anker, George Austin, Steve

Brookman, Susan Brookman, Teresa Browning, Tony Browning, Geneva Browning,

Mike Buff, Anita Buff, Martin Call, Bill Christensen, Dana Christensen, Jean

Colvin, Dick Crockett, Becky Crockett, Michael Dove, Jim English, Marilyn

Fensterer, Roxanne Gause, Sarah Gillim, Dodie Hall, K Howard, Lynda

Kendrick, David Lee, Emory Lewis, Liz Lewis, Julie Moore, Irene Newton, Bob

Oliver, Christine Outlaw, Les Richardson, Charlotte Richardson, Nettie

Roundtree, Glenn Simmons, Marcia Simmons, Rosie Taylor, Walter Taylor, Lori

Thorn, Andy Tilton, David Turkel, Boots Weathers, Bill Westel, Dorothy Williams, and MD



At 9:30 Sarah Gillim welcomed group and thanks were given to volunteers and helpers Mike Dove, Kathy and Kenny Carmean, Lynn Fensterer, Mike and Anita Buff , Rob Andrys and other behind the scenes helpers.  The facilitators and design personnel were also thanked and introduced.  These included:  Deborah Forrester, Mitch Hutchcraft, Mark Hobson, Fernando Zabala, Albert Danbrose and Steven Turner from the private sector and Jim Mudd, Gloria Sajgo, and Pam Houck from the county planning department. 

Carol Cunningham addressed the group and reviewed the workshop agenda as follows:

9:45 to 10:30 Powerpoint presentation by Rob Andrys

10:45 to 12:00 Meet in groups (group A central Alva – area in urban land use designation by county;  group B- outlying Alva).  We will have 3 tables in group A and 2 tables in group B.

12:00 to 1:00 – lunch

1:00 to 2:30  Reconvene in groups – switch from A to B or vv.

2:30 to 3:00  Share group data with entire workshop

Carol reminded all attendees that this was not a forum to solve and debate problems but a session to put forth ideas on each individual’s vision of Alva’s future.


Rob Andrys gave an excellent powerpoint presentation which was basically a “virtual tour” of Alva and showed numerous pictures of Alva (both from the ground and aerial).  Pictures from surrounding areas including Riverdale and Ft Myers shores areas were also included to show what unplanned development often looks like.


Small table groups met until about 2:30 ( including break for lunch – pizza).  Each group had a recorder who wrote down the ideas which were later  given to Carol Cunningham to use for the workshop summary and to prepare the first draft of the community plan.


The groups reconvened and each group briefly shared what ideas had been generated.

 These included for central Alva (area designated as urban land use by LeePlan) – pedestrian friendly shops and businesses,  public area for walking and meeting near river, no strip malls or plazas, no box type buildings or garish franchise buildings,  bikepaths/sidewalks to connect school and commercial area on SR 80 and to connect green areas and parks in community, pedestrian walkway over SR 80,  and many other ideas.  Most agreed that the commercial and higher residential development should go in this central area of Alva and that the remainder of the Alva community should remain more rural.

For outlying Alva some ideas included:  paths to connect parks and  other greenspaces and recreational areas,  bikepaths to connect central Alva with Charleston Park,  country store for Charleston park area,  attempt to keep outlying areas more rural by transferring development rights to central Alva “village”,  change land use from urban to rural in area across SR 80 from Hickey Creek mitigation park,  create land trust  and many other ideas.

Carol Cunningham has developed a more complete summary of the workshop with the written notes from each group.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15pm